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KHLOE BELLA SKINCARE, named after my daughter " KHLOÈ BELLA” Making skin care products started as a hobby. This fun pass time activity of creating skin care regimens quickly turned into a business venture.  I have always had a deep passion for skincare products. As I began researching the top skin care products, I quickly discovered many of the “all natural products” that I had been using on my skin were full of alcohol, preservatives, and harmful chemicals. This caused me great alarm and ignited a passion within to create products that I was sure would be suitable for everyone!
All my products are cruelty free kid friendly and geared to enhance your skin without the damaging effects of harsh chemicals. Our licensed esthetician specializes in corrective skincare for multicultural skin, such as acne, hyperpigmentation eczema, and psoriasis. Quality should never be compromise. We guarantee reliability; Our goal is to provide products & services you can trust.
We offer free consultation, please send a detailed email and an employee will contact you with in 2-3 business days.

We're tired of dull skin, and dark circles, that seem to affect our family and friends. That's why we decided to share our skin care products with the world. We stock a wide variety of products so you can find the best match to make you feel good.  We will be expanding our products in the near future.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure each client despite gender, ethnicity, and age, is educated on the importance of skin care. We strive to provide an astounding experience to every client daily. It is our mission to leave our customers feeling confident about the health of their skin. Beauty radiating from the inside out. We carry a variety of skincare products that can be used by all. KHLOÈ BELLA will give you the euphoric feel of our services in the comfort of your home. We assure you that our products and treatments are not harmful to the body. We do not use chemicals that may cause future health complications for our customer’s skin. We apply skills learned to perform effective skin care treatments and provide information that will educate our growing family on proper skin care regimen that will have a positive effect.

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